Hand printed and coloured using watercolours.
22cm x 23cm.

Rap from Self to Self

Spanish translation from google . . .
Amor Rap
Mi amor
para ti es como un rap
rebota alrededor
a continuación, viene de regreso,
tú eres mi Venus
rap trampa.
El envío de este
con un beso grande
Smack X

The Seeker!

GO BACK . . . 
Wherever you think you are . . .
Your Guru is your own Self.
Stay where you are, be still.

I can hear the Niz shouting! 
Can you?

Maharaj: Your belonging is a matter of your own feeling and conviction. After all, it is all verbal and formal. In reality there is neither guru nor disciple, neither theory nor practice, neither ignorance nor realization, It all depends on what you take yourself to be. Know your self correctly, There is no substitute to self-knowledge.

Face IT! Who R U?

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Drag and drop parts on face.
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A silent post!

Shooting arrows in the air!

Creation of the Universe!

A recent question I was asked.

Haven't you ever thought about the creation of the universe?

When I am born the universe appears, when I die the universe disappears. I AM everyone that appears and disappears in this imaginary world we call REAL, who else could I be. There is only Omnipresence. I don't use the term God because that concept means different things to different readers of the term.

We are ONE. No need of adding to it.

Religions and beliefs separate with concepts.
A Christian (God concept), a Buddhist (Buddha concept), A Muslim (God concept), are they not all pointing to the same place I AM refering to? Why hold one as more true than another? It is all concepts.
Beyond the concepts I AM.
No requirements are needed to be who I AM.

The No State, State!

If you click the image it opens with a little animation effect.

Of course the answer isn't in the mind, but one has to start somewhere. LOL
Suggestion . . . Start from Right Here, Right NOW!

Breathe in, breathe out! Ask yourself what allows this to occur? Do you choose to breathe?

Who creates the fire in your belly? LOL.

If the simple animation doesn't work above go here . . . http://home.exetel.com.au/bobseal/dragon-72.html

Here's a brilliant quote from the NIZ . . .
"It is not that you are going to acquire something externally, the knowledge that you are is already there, only understand that. This is all the play of concepts. Even to think that I am going to get the knowledge, or I have got the knowledge, is still a concept. Prior to getting the knowledge, whatever Is, That is the truth." From Prior to Consciousness Edited by Jean Dunn

Useless desk accessory. Outside the box toon cube

Here is a link to download the pdf file to print out on your printer . . .
http://www.mediafire.com/file/mefurfjzm0l/nondual cube.pdf


The dog has the right idea. He knows that one end of the bone tastes the same as the other. LOL

The merry-go-round!

STOP! Does not mean "Do not think"
Thinking happens. Thinking is not a problem.
Believing the thought is REAL is the only thing causing pain.
Thoughts come and go.
Just watch them pass by without attachment.