The Seed


Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but this is not true! The monotheist religions -christianism(include catholicism),islamism and judaism are fighting between them just 1000 or 2000 years. And help the power to crash the freedom of people!Excuse me but almost religions are a great ilusion!Tell me: God is in the bombs that kill afghans, iraquians, palestinians, and so on? Religions are not equal! Faith and Spirituality, yes!Christianism says: in the end only exists Jesus;Islamism says: only Allah, the rest are kaffirs; and Judaism says: they are the elected people, and the rest are "gentios". Is it possible? Ans the others, are demons? Don´t joke. We are in 21th century?

Bob Seal said...

All Religions and ideas dissolve in the Absolute.

Prior to all appearances.

You are Anonymous :) without shape or form.

All problems appear when you think you are separate from the Absolute.

Melanie said...

Religion has formed out of thought and language. Be still and operate in the present moment. Religion only exists with thought. Stillness predates religion. At least I think lol