Lostnfoundation said...

Hi Bob:
Thanks for the link to this blog when you came on mine.
I always wanted to be a cartoonist, but I cant draw. Of course now there are programs for the artistically challenged, but I am occupied learning Chopin etudes.


Bob Seal said...

Hello Alton,
I can't play any musical instrument.
So it's horses for courses.
Chopin! WOW, I'm impressed. :)

I'm a Erik Satie man, Just love his work.
(Erik Satie - Gymnopédie No.1)

Lostnfoundation said...

Hello Bob:
I gave up my music for Enlightenment and that never happened after 10K hours of sitting meditation and daily life practice, so I am back playing again after many years. I gave away all my music, but can get it online now for a yearly reasonable fee.

I do love the teachings of the sages still but not the endpoint.

Aloha from a warm paradise. It is 87 here now.


Bob Seal said...

After reading a book called I AM THAT by Nisargadatta
and reading and listening to Sailor Bob everything became clear and obvious! No guru needed. No meditation needed. No where to go . . .

Just enjoy being here now :)

KarlisD said...

Nice toon Bob :)



Lostnfoundation said...

Hi Bob and friends:
I typed this on youtube and found that I know the piece. Lovely one.
thanks for reminding me about it.


Bob Seal said...

Great link Alton,

It's a great piece to listen to when drinking the first coffee of the day, watching the sun rise.

I love the way the spaces between the notes are given as much importance as the notes themselves.

Hello Karl,
How's Nottingham? :))

Lostnfoundation said...

Hello Bob: ujotika convinced me that I would become irritated listening to music as I progressed in my mindfulness meditation.
So I stupidly gave away all my music that had the fingering I entered in the music. Now that I started playing again I have a lot of work to do reentering the fingering.
Here is me practicing.


Bob Seal said...

Alton, Thanks for your link. Great that you can play back what you have played and listen to the piece as if someone else played it. Very omnipresent!! lol.

Interesting that in meditation we practice being one with everything and all the time we are already what we seek. Trying to be one with everything.

When this was seen, I realised the meditation would not take me to where I already am and meditation ceased. a sort of meditation seems to still occur, but it's not structured as a practice anymore.

I find it amusing that ONE wonders around pretending to be many.
Here there is a stepping in and out of the illusion of who we are.

Reminds me of this woodcut with the astronomer with his head through the veil of the atmosphere looking at the stars. :)) (Camille Flammarion 1888 Book L'atmosphère: météorologie populaire
("The Atmosphere: Popular Meteorology")


Keep me posted as you practice at the piano.