KarlisD said...

Blah Blah Blah then Bob :))


Bob Seal said...

Blah :)

Anonymous said...

The cartoons are really awesome! Still more wonderful is the fact the fact that someone could create cartoons on non-duality!!

Now, here is a comment:
It is amazing that such a simple reality keeps dodging intelligence of people every time someone tries to explain it. But actually it is pretty simple. Before knowing non-duality one needs to prove it to himself or herself. Here is a method:
from point of view of science:
Everything is made of atoms, atoms made of yet smaller particles, the smallest particles exhibit a dual nature of wave-particle transformation, so essentially everything is energy or wave, a wave is movement in space, there is no movement without energy, there is no energy without movement. If so, then it is movement of what? and energy of what? Answer is: it is a total void, but this void is intelligent and all movements are of nature of thought.
From religious point of view:
If there there is something divine then above everything divine there must be an omnipotent and omnipresent divine being, maybe, god. To be omnipotent and omnipresent that god must be found everywhere, including in hell (no disrespect intended). That omnipresent and omnipotent agency cannot be present only on higher levels and not on lower levels of underlying chemistry and matter in the sub-nuclear levels and to be omnipotent not only it has to be present everywhere but it has to be everything. Under such conditions, all matter and energy is of same nature and it is again a void. The fact that we can see this world proves that this void is not a NOTHING, but is a reservoir of everything, and everything in it being of same nature, the person who is trying to understand it does not really exist. What exists is only that non-dual thing.
(derived from a book called Unravel !)

Bob Seal said...

hello dabbu-k,

What you say makes perfect sense here.

But of course, it's all words pointing at the void.

The toons are the most direct way I have found so far to point at that which is beyond concepts.

Use a thorn from the tree to remove a thorn under your skin and then throw them both away.

Use a concept to remove a concept, then throw them both away.

We are already what we seek. All of the looking and finding answers will never get us closer to where we already are, here, now.

KarlisD said...


If you like the empirical route, you might find my ‘Everything and Nothing’ of some interest.

Namaste :)