tawan said...

That is the message we keep slapping people with.

Stu said...

Awesome! :-)
They way you add cartoons to words makes for a better pointer at the moon than just plain words would!

I would like to do this on my blog but I can't draw =~\

Bob Seal said...

tawan, It appears to be :)
Even this toon is untrue, because it's making IT into a conceptual image. There really is no one to slap, but slapping happens.

Just by describing a person as part of the story I've failed and at each attempt I will continue to fail.
Can I stop? Apparently not, unless stopping happens.
Sometimes a thought happens. "I won't bother doing this anymore" but I continue to do it. It's hopeless. LOL.

Bob Seal said...

Toons are just the way I seem to understand things.
This is the method that I use to get things out of the head and onto paper. It's really just a form of mind mapping using cartoons.
Have a look at mind mapping techniques.
No need to draw well, even stick figures can be used as a symbol, any symbol can work. It's just another form of language.

The thing I like about cartoons is they can bypass lots of words and can creep through the ego/mind unnoticed until WHAM! "A LIGHT BULB LIGHTS UP"

The ego/mind is not an enemy, but a wonderful friend to play with.

I looked at your website and like the way your posts are short and to the point. Less is MORE :)

Anonymous said...

this is brilliant. thank you.