Useless desk accessory. Outside the box toon cube

Here is a link to download the pdf file to print out on your printer . . . cube.pdf


No One In Particular said...

Good to see you back writing...just reading it "now".

Ta-Wan said...

i like it :D

I very much like the 2 sides with the dog. The one with the bone and the direction post.

Bob Seal said...

NOW replying Suzanne :)

Always enjoy looking at your blog btw :D great to hear a clear view.

All the preaching of the serious spiritual types bores the bum off me. lol

This Oneness here is sometimes a little lazy at blogging and sleeps a lot instead of being fully awake. I say wake up damn you! but the snoring continues.
(wink wink).

Bob Seal said...

Hi Ta-Wan, thx for the comments.
I love a good dog :) also love bad dogs, okay "I LOVE DOGS" hope no one is listening to this!!

MM said...

love your work!!!!....i just want to let you know:)

Bob Seal said...

Hello Lavanya, Always good to know the toons resonate. :D