Breathe in, breathe out! Ask yourself what allows this to occur? Do you choose to breathe?

Who creates the fire in your belly? LOL.

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Here's a brilliant quote from the NIZ . . .
"It is not that you are going to acquire something externally, the knowledge that you are is already there, only understand that. This is all the play of concepts. Even to think that I am going to get the knowledge, or I have got the knowledge, is still a concept. Prior to getting the knowledge, whatever Is, That is the truth." From Prior to Consciousness Edited by Jean Dunn


Shamash said...

Love the Niz quote! I put it on my facebook page - hope you don't mind.

Hey I love your work. I remmeber the days when you used to ask questions about all this stuff on the Advaita Show! I used to as well.

Hope you are well. I absolutely adore your cartoons. I shall put a couple up on my blog at some point, I'm sure. Keep up the great work...if you want!

My blog is are

Best wishes, Shamash

Bob Seal said...

Hello Shamash,

Good to hear from you.

Yes, The Niz quote is great! The words if really heard just knock the legs from under the one who thinks they are listening. LOL.

Sailor Bob's words hit home here too and left nowhere for the ego/mind to hide. Then it was seen that nothing is needed to be who we already are.
No guru, no teacher, no question, no answer.
In actuality nothing happened.

The mind is left "gobsmacked"
in the wordless, timeless, None Conceptual Awareness.

beautifully simple . . . THIS IS NOTHING HAPPENING! lol!!