Elaine Bolduc said...

Thanks for this blog! Lovely. I really like this toon.

Bob Seal said...

It's always a pleasure to share insights and pointers that appear.

Life is always winking at us if only our eyes are open enough to see it happening.

To be open and watch life pass through us is the greatest of gifts. It's always happening NOW.

Anonymous said...

Love what this says...pure simplicity. Did u see the infinite love cartoon on Monk's outstanding..."I am the infinite loving empty space that embraces your neverending stream of shit"

Bob Seal said...

Anon, Thx 4 ur comment. I hadn't seen monk mojo's stuff. so thx for pointing to that to. :)

A story 4 U.
weird thing this morning I got up to find one of our chickens with it's insides fallen out of it's body and already maggots eating it alive.
Now this character bob seal is a vegetarian and finds it difficult to kill flies never mind chickens.
Something needed to be done to stop the suffering and I killed this poor chicken in as caring a way as I could and watched the life force disappear from it's body. I wept at this happening. I see no choice was made as everything Is As It Is.

I saw your comment and looked at the monkmojo site and there on the site was this statement . . .

"If you meet the chicken on the road, kill him"

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob!
Nice blog, I love the illustrations (technique and content). I too have realised myself as consciousness - wonderful isn't it?
I'll add you as one of my links because I think your approach can really help people. I'd be honoured if you could have a gander at my blog:
Peace and love and goodwill!

Bob Seal said...

Hello Tom,
Thx for your comments.
I will take a look at your blog and get back to you.

We can never Not Be what We Already Are :)
It's funny how it appears to take something to shift for this realization to happen. But in the end it's also seen that No-thing happened. We are already what is sought. Once seen there is nothing left to see or do.
But then there never was. LOL.

warm wishes

Bob Seal said...

Just thought I should mention, I haven't realised myself as anything other than that "I'm here and now"

Everything is lost nothing is gained.

Anonymous said...

This cartoon is great. I had it on my blog, before it was deleted .

Can you put my email on your links, like before you had the blog ? i don´t know... im going to try ... if some real people come, i will talk ... if not, i will disappear non duality scene forever.. haha.


Bob Seal said...

Hello Sergio,
Send me your new website blog address and i will put up a link :) The links list is for website addresses.