The Way 1.

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se il cuore mio s'impenna said...

ah ah ah, bellissima! :-)

Bob Seal said...

Thanx :)

Bob Seal said...

Have set up a blog to illustrate the hsin hsin ming at this address

కాలనేమి said...


Charlie Hayes said...

Ha! Best Yet, Bob!

Satyask said...

Thank you for letting me use your cartoons. I've given the linkbacks that you require.

Bob Seal said...

Satya, Thanks for the links :)

Charlie. really enjoyed the latest Jeff Foster conversation you've put on your site. Thanks mate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for leaving the comment today, Bob! Don't know if you follow up, so I wanted to let you know I'm honored. I've added you to my blogroll (ahead of asking permission). Hope it's OK. If not let me know.

Anyway, I've been a big fan for a few years now, and it's just cool for you to have stopped by. Thanks!

I LOVE this cartoon!!!

sahajprem said...

Great Cartoon, Bob!

Just fwiw: it occurs to me that ya might make something similar from the following poem by e.e.cummings entitled "Seeker of Truth"


seeker of truth

follow no path

all paths lead where

truth is here

Bob Seal said...

thanks t,

That poem is a direct pointer :))

Donn Elaine said...

It's always interesting to see other peoples ideas and views. I used to be on board with this cartoon sentiment. Then I noticed that there is in fact a preference that seems to pop up in every earth experience.
That of ouch.
Whether a person labels it as pain, suffering, decay or death, it comes with an amount of ow irregardless of any name label put upon the experience.
That ouch brings with it its own form of addiction and joy/dislike.
The earth way is not as difficult if one prefers an ouch of some sort in their daily experience. Something that breaks down, gets injured,or hurts.
The earth way isn't as difficult if one is sadomasachistic in nature. When one no longer joys in the sadomasachism it becomes a little challenging to prefer. Then comes the push-pull to change and/or control. If a person doesn't care even better. aaah, but most conscious neurons seem to care.
If a person decides they don't care for an ouch, or a what the? or something breaking or decaying causing some discomfort to the bodily vehicle, then it's a whole 'nuther story.

I'd have to say, The Earth Way is not difficult for those who prefer ouches. If a person prefers ouches they will love it and almost any path will work for them.

This is not the only Great Way.... it is however predominantly the Earth Way.

Bob Seal said...

The senses. Taste, Smell, Touch, Sight, Hearing are all part of the body mind appearance. Once you are embodied as a human these senses are part of this I (ego self). All these senses connect you with your world. If there is pain or pleasure appearing, this has no preference to the livingness force, the I (ego) has preferences for pleasure over pain generally. (Some humans have sadomasochistic tendencies or other forms of pleasure/pain combos which play themselves out as the will.)

Trust in the heart or the Hsin Hsin Ming points to
a way of viewing life living itself.

Everything plays itself out as it does and any separate preferences by an I (ego) gets swept away like leaves falling from a tree. If emotional pain occurs within you then it indicates that this "YOU" is not in total acceptance with what is.

The cartoons are just the way life has been expressed here.
In fact they seem to have stopped appearing at present. :)

Ouch or Aaahhhh, depends on where the reference point is placed to view them from.