Waves search for love and the ocean smiles


Anonymous said...

Hey Bob! This is a GREAT toon! Kind of makes a "seeker" feel pretty stupid. Thanks for that! :)

Bob Seal said...

Thanks for your comment, Mike. :)
Seekers are pretty stupid, I know I was one. LOL

I love those Tee-shirts that have the slogan. "I'm with Stupid" and have an arrow pointing to the person next to the person wearing the Tee-shirt.

My latest is "I AM THAT" with arrows pointing everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Ha! That's great, the t-shirt, I mean.

So, stupid, me. Guilty. Thanks for the smiles, Bob.

Bob Seal said...

Mike, I just looked at your blog 'Long Pause' and saw you were having a rough time.

Wanted to say this to you . . .
Once you step into thought, you are one step away from the actuality. Prior to thought there is no problem. Thoughts come and go, if you are not holding on to them as something real, then no problem appears.

Life can still appear as painful or happy, but if you see through the I thought concept, it's not happening to a reference point of a YOU any longer. Everything is free to flow.

There is only OMNIPRESENCE, this leaves no room for a you or a me. We are being lived :)

Anonymous said...

Rough time... yeah, I suppose. Getting really confused again. Before, I just thought I didn't get it, but anymore I'm not sure about anything. Nothing seems to be "the truth", or just "true". That is, nothing other than the fact that I'm here. It's all just guesswork after that, and I'm not very comfortable with that fact, so I look for more.

You're right, prior to though there is no problem. If only this existence could be left to itself without thought, then there would be no need of understanding. The problem is that there is thought. And since there is thought, there is a me, and that me doesn't recognize omnipresence, and certainly doesn't recognize it as itself. Whew! OK, that's enough. Sorry to ramble, but thanks for the words, Bob.

Bob Seal said...

Your Quote:
"That is, nothing other than the fact that I'm here. It's all just guesswork after that, and I'm not very comfortable with that fact, so I look for more."

You hit the nail on the head here.

The mind will always want to find an answer.
There is no right answer.
It can get to the point in total frustration that the mind or thoughts just give up! (That appears to be what happened here)

No amount of trying to understand this from a mind or thought perspective is going to get you to where you already are, HERE, NOW!

There is nothing more than this Aware Presence that has always been here, now.

What is looking from your eyes NOW is exactly the same thing that is looking from these eyes here, NOW. It is Omnipresence. It's not a personal understanding for an ego/self. That ego/self is just a bundle of thoughts that come and go. HERE, NOW.

Even the frustration and pain is just conscious presence experiencing itself within the dream of life. It's just an expression, there is no value necessary to place on it. There's no getting it right or wrong. This is it AS IT IS, Right, Now. Pain and Pleasure, no preference.

Jan said...

I have to put this on my blog. Thanks!

Donn Elaine said...

Do you really feel/think that you are stupid for asking questions?

How could it be stupid if it got you to where you are now?

Would you have arrived at the location you are now without asking questions?

ooops I'm asking questions ;)

Bob Seal said...

The bottom line here is it doesn't matter what the I (ego) thinks. (clever or stupid) If questions appear they get asked and answered or not answered. The actuality is the livingness. We that appear in the world are actually all the same source (One) that is appearing to be separate. Without the living force that we are, (One) no appearance could take place.

There is no future time when a YOU will get the reward of finding the Omnipresent answer!
The answer is that the seeker (The YOU) has no separate substance from the ONE. YOU are already THAT which is sought for.