I AM THAT . . . revisited

For Faisal :)


Shamash said...

Hey Bob,

Love this last cartoon, just as much as the rest. I remember you posting a question on 'the advaita show' years ago! :) You've moved deeper into understanding since then!

Feel free to link to http://youareawareness.blogspot.com

I'm gonna link to you :)

warm wishes,

Anonymous said...

WOW :-)

Rizal Affif - The Soul Sanctuary said...

Hi Bob,

Very well put. It is beyond words and you put it perfectly.

IMO, maybe better to have the last panel empty even of the ground :D

Bob Seal said...

Hello Shamash, Yes, the advaita show podcast questions seems like a life time ago. LOL
The seeking appears to have resolved itself.
Have put a link to your site on the blog :) Thx for your link. (If I ever get back to UK will look you up)
luv Bob :))

Hello, Ronny Thx. The toon says it all. I'm just the thing that holds the pen. lol.

Hello Rizal Affif, Yes, I think maybe a totally blank panel. If I get around to it will let you know :)

Bob Seal said...

Rizal, Have removed the ground and the sign off name. Thx for the thought. :)

No One In Particular said...

Right on the money Bob.

KarlisD said...

Luv it Bob… Big Time… well that's a joke too but if I rub it out you'll never No (Know :)

KarlisD said...

And a another one from Anthony De Mello … :) The Master was amused at the kind of phony self-deprecation that passes for humility. here is a parable he told his disciples:
A priest and a sexton went to a church to pray. The priest began to beat his breast and, carried away, cried out, “I am the lowliest of men, Lord, unworthy of your grace! I am a void, a nothing. Have mercy on me.”
Not far from the priest was the sexton who, in an outburst of fervor, also beat his breast and cried, “Have mercy, Lord! I’m a sinner, a nothing.”
The priest turned round haughtily. “Ha!” he said. “Look who’s claiming to be nothing!”

Bob Seal said...

Thanx Suzanne, It's probably as close as I can get. Everything else is entertainment as the Niz says.

Hello Karl, The Anthony De Mello story is funny but making an excellent insight.
Anyone who claims to be nothing, must be claiming it from an ego driven reference point. Anyone who claims to HAVE IT, can also be in a position to LOSE IT.
It has to be the very THAT from which everything appears and disappears, but the mind can never own that which created the mind.

Faisal Humayun said...

Dear Bob,
My deepest respects to your sir!

A Sufi "dua" for you:
May Love be the beat of your heart,
the breath in your lungs,
and footprints of your soul!

- Faisal

su said...

This must be the clearest most direct pointer ever.
Thank you.

Bob Seal said...

Faisal, I pass on the heart felt message in the "dua" to each appearance of the self I meet. What a brilliant expression of love they are. Thank you.

Su, If the cartoon hits the spot, that is wonderful. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

TOP CLASS, really sums up what it's all about!

Bob Seal said...

Thanks Tom.
If I could draw NOTHING I would. lol.

Anonymous said...

The annihilation of the annihilation

Anonymous said...

Emptyness gave place to somethingness. For a reason. Maybe because it was sad.
As somethingness you seem to be expecting release as soon as emptyness is back. Maybe because as somethiness you suffer. Your cartoons seem to be announcing this hope.
No sense, mistake. Emptyness will give place again to somethingness.
From sadness to suffering. From suffering to sadness.
How do you solve that?
This is the thing to answer, the circle to escape from.
Any idea?

Bob Seal said...

Hello Bruno, thanks for the comment/question,

You state . . . "For a reason"

There is no requirement for a reason.
This implies a questioner. If you think (concepts) you are separated from the whole, you require answers to questions. Once it is seen that everything is perfect AS IT IS.
Questions evaporate.

The answer if a YOU is wanting one is NO QUESTION.

Everything is resolved prior to a question.

There is no circle if there is no question.
The whole basis of this is conceptual.
But . . .
Prior to thought everything is resolved.

None of the cartoons on this blog can describe the indescribable they all fail in one way or another.
Because they are drawn using concepts working inside a duality of opposites.

It's just more concepts piled upon concepts.

A YOU can't solve anything. The YOU only appears because of the "intelligence energy" that created all appearances. This is ONE appearing as many.

Your question will never be answered to your satisfaction until it is seen that the Question itself is the issue. All the answers are inadequate.

No Preference: Sadness/Happiness, all vibrate from one extreme to the other. While you are embodied this will continue to appear to be the situation.
The desire to have one more than another causes suffering for a YOU who thinks it is separate.

In fact this YOU when compared to the Cosmos has no more importance than a microscopic algae.
But that's another concept.

Bob Seal said...

Hello Anonymous,

"The annihilation of the annihilation"

Then :)

annihilation of the concept of annihilation.

Bob Seal said...

Also :) Anonymous . . .

A "YOU" appearance that is only a reflection of ONE is a mirage and so cannot be annihilated.
Can a mirage be annihilated?
It's just a reflection.

The cartoon appears to indicate that a Person (Seeker) erases themselves. But the only ONE allowing all to appear and disappear is ONE. There is no separate doer (Seeker) who has any volition.
It is all ONE.

All are ONE.

Anonymous said...

I think I understand. Although I can't explain it.But I have the feeling it's OK like this...