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Elaine Bolduc said...

This should be posted inside every "spiritual" book. Perfect!

Bob Seal said...


I love the way the cartoon form creeps under the radar and hits the target before your brain has time to edit the thoughts. Sneeky things are cartoons. LOL

It's always interesting that there has to be an openess in the viewer to see the message or it is missed and the cartoon is just a collection meaningless words and a drawing.

The funniest comment I have ever had emailed to me about the cartoons was "This is just a bad drawing with words attached" And on one level that's absolutely correct! LOL.

The cartoons appear and I'm just the scribing THING that puts them on to the paper. kinda weird really.

Anonymous said...

hey Bob..great drawings. Many thanks!

Bob Seal said...

Hello Mowgli, It's a pleasure.

Matthew King said...

Your cartoons are awesome!

very funny.

"maximum minimal"...keep up the great work.

Matthew King

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